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We hope the following pages will be your guide to the Club and a good day's fishing in the sea, lakes or rivers of Gower or Swansea Bay and the wider Bristol Channel.
As  well as on-line news for local fishing we offer hints, tips and guides to help you with your fishing, along with advice from some of the Club's top anglers.
For use by members only, they are not available for use by the general public, we have the very best fishing boat, a Blyth 30ft (10m) catamaran which can be booked for fishing trips to the many productive fishing marks in the Bristol Channel. We also have a smaller club boat the Mumbles Belle for inshore fishing trips with just 5 angers and a skipper.Between the two boats we can meet the boat fishing needs of most members.
Club boat Oystercat at her berth in Swansea Marina
Mumbles Belle at her berth in Swansea Marina
We also have a Chalet for hire by members and unlike the boats the chalet can be hired by the general public. The chalet is located in the Summercliffe Chalet Park at Caswell Bay, Gower. The Chalet can be used for family holidays, stay and fishing breaks for anglers or just for short lets.  It is possible to join the Club as a temporary member and combined a stay with Club fishing events and fishing trips on the Oystercat or Mumbles Belle.


Gift Aid Donations

Gift Aid is a way for charities or Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) to increase the value of monetary gifts from UK taxpayers by claiming back the basic rate tax paid by the donor on the donation. It can increase the value of donations by a quarter at no extra cost to the donor. 
Being a Community Amateur Sports Club recognised by HMRC for Gift Aid transaction it is possible that payments, other than Membership Fees, may be treated as donations to the Club. By making Gift Aided donations you can help the Club, members and the local angling community enjoy the benefits of additional income. Donations can be made through many of our fishing activities, Club boat and minibus trips, and by personal donations if preferred.
Donations through Gift Aid boost the amount of you give to the Club by allowing us to reclaim 25% basic rate income tax you have already paid on the money. For every £1 donation the Club could claim an extra 25p from HMRC in Gift Aid tax relief.  You need to make a Gift Aid declaration. This can be as simple as ticking a box on the Membership Form or other forms supplied by the Club.
Please note: Gift Aid simply means the Club can claim back 25% of your voluntary donation from the income tax you have paid. Under the rules, The club cannot claim Gift Aid on standard membership fees. You must ensure you are paying enough tax at least equal to the tax we reclaim on your donation(s) from HMRC under Gift Aid.

Gift Aid Declaration
If you are if you have already completed a Gift Aid declaration where every £1 you give is worth an extra 25p to MMBFC.
Please notify MMBFC if you:
  • want to cancel your declaration
  • change your name or home address
  • no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains

If you pay Income Tax at the higher rate or additional rate and want to receive the additional tax relief due to you you must include all your Gift Aid donations on youe Self Assessment tax  return or ask HM Revenue & Customs to adjust your tax code.


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MMBFC Club Scene
Clubs form the core of sea, coarse and still water angling and are places where most anglers started out, and still to be found.  This is no different for the Mumbles Motor Boat & Fishing Club.

Club meetings are held in BAR1887 of the Mumbles Rugby Football Club's Clubhouse on a Thursday evening between 8 and 10 pm
    Address: 588 Mumbles Road, The Mumbles, Swansea SA3 4DL. 
The club is well organised and very sociable with some 200 members, including family members and juniors,  who have a range of interests.  These interests include one species fishing, social fishing, match fishing, and casting.  We are all passionate about our sport of pleasure fishing.
Whether we are fishing from the shore, boat, rivers or lakes we all care about the fishing environment, other anglers and the future of all forms of fishing.  We all  respect minimum fish sizes, conservation, catch & release and angling etiquette.
The main activities of the Club are the social Club nights, a programme of fishing events and competitions, and social fish-ins from local venues, and charity money raisers.  Several of the shore events are fished in the evenings and hours of darkness.  Usually, an event is stage every few weeks to coincide with the most suitable tides that fall every fortnight.
The success of these actives depends on members participation and passion for fishing.

The Club's fishing boats cater for members who do not have their own fishing boat.  Fishing trips on the Oystercat or Mumbles Belle normally take place most weekends and at least once during the week.  The boat fishing trips depend on suitable weather forecasts and the availability of experienced skippers.
The Club doesn't have many out and out match fishing members, we are more a Club of recreational and pleasure anglers of various ages and experience who like to get out for some fresh air, loads of chat and to help one another's fishing technique and experience.  Many members do not show a great desire to win, taking part being more important, although others may not admit their occasional success is most welcome.
Club membership and fishing is usually the best way to learn how to fish in terms of tactics and venue characteristics.  Fishing among Club members is more informative than fishing alone and learning by mistakes, because you will always have someone to ask and help out.  Club fishing can be the fast track to knowledge.
Thursday Club night (no meetings at the moment due to coronavirus restrictions) (8 to 10 pm) is the place where many secrets are revealed, especially over a drink. Don't be afraid to ask, initial success is usually about being a copycat.  Not many experienced anglers are secretive, being unable to help telling all and sundry about their tactics.  Providing you can sift through the tall stories there is a lot to be learned from talking fishing and fishing with the Club's best.  Club members fishing together are very tolerant of beginners (adult and juniors) and the more anglers that fish the more successful the Club will be.
The plus points of joining a Club will vary from person to person.  Many have joined because of the social side.  Others because they do not want to fish alone or maybe they like the banter at a Club fishing event.  The Club has members who do not fish at all, but because they support the Club in their own way their membership is of benefit to everyone and the fishing community at large.  Membership of the Club allows you to choose how involved your participation will be, and that includes administration and becoming Club officers.