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HOW TO USE THE CALENDARS - Scroll down to see the 5 Calendars
The information provided here relates mainly to fishing events that are organised for Club Members only.  Open events are covered elsewhere.
The calendars show the planned fishing events established by the Club and those fishing events members would like to be arranged to which you can add your name, via the booking form, if it appeals to you.
By left clicking on the date box you will bring up the full details of the event and those members who have been booked in for an arranged event, or have requested for an event to take place.  The calendars can be seen by scrolling down the page to
Calendar 1 - Oystercat Fishing Trips.      Calendar 2 - Mumbles Belle Fishing Trips.
Calendar 3 - Minibus & shore Fishing Trips.   Calendar 4 -Club Management & Social Events.
To make a booking or make a request for a fishing trip please use the BOOKING FORM.
Before making a request and/or booking time off work it is a good idea to check the weather forecast to make sure the weather is suitable for a fishing trip on the day you want to go.
The Club Management & Social Events Calendar shows the other activities organised for the running of the Club and other functions.
These calendars are from For more information on their calendars please go to their website.
Skipper availability
(More skippers would be a big help to the club and boat fishing members, please  get in touch if you want to skipper one of our boats, or train to become a skipper. The urgency is skippers for the Oystercat).
Where skippers have shown, on the calendar, their availability to take a Club boat out for a fishing it is up to the members to make a booking for the places available through, using the booking form, or phoning the Club or skipper or, making a booking on the paper booking planner on a Club Night. Skippers do not send out invitations to members as this would be deemed to be a bit 'clickie'. Bookings are made on a first come first served basis so please do not wait for personal invites to go fishing. When there is a shortage of anglers for a specific fishing trip it may be necessary for a skipper to phone around to try and fill the places for a trip to go ahead.
Please keep looking at the calendars, make a booking and come out boat fishing with us, this includes our junior members.  Don't forget you can make a request for a fishing trip on a specific date, even if no trip is shown on the calendar.  Once a request is put on the calendar we usually find it attracts more members to come forward and make a viable trip, we will then ensure a skipper is made available for the trip to go ahead.

We are still at a loss to know why we do not have a lot more members taking advantage of the Club's boat fishing trips. We seem to have the same satisfied members coming back for more fishing trips, it would be nice to see a whole range of members out fishing with the Club. We need to make more use of our wonderful boats or we could lose these marvelous Club facilities.

Why not make a booking now, there is good good fishing for all our members.
Mumbles Belle Skipper - Victor Lilygreen
Victor is very keen to give members the opportunity to boat fish from the Mumbles Belle. He is making himself available as often and as flexible as possible to ensure the Belle is available to go out fishing most days when the weather is suitable. Should a Belle fishing trip be full for a trip but then does not go due to poor weather he will just postpone the trip and take it out on the next suitable weather day. Also should the weather forecast cause a trip to withdrawn and there is good weather before the arranged day of a trip he will bring the trip forward to avoid having to cancel and disappoint.  So book up now and get the Belle out fishing with our members.
To book a fishing trip on the Belle use the boooking form opposite or phone the Club on 07423522110 or 0792 232843.
The choice of date in a block on the calendar is dependent on the weather. The dates entered are fishing trips out to Langland Reef and Oyster Ledges. The other dates are when Victor is available but are only suitable for fishing in Swansea Bay.
You can follow Vic's amusing tales of looking after and skippering the Mumbles Belle on the facebook page and the Forum Page under boating reports or click here.

Duration of fishing trips
We have had just a few requests for shorter fishing trips but so far there has not been enough demand for them to take place.  Currently the trips have been 6 to 8 hours. Please send  in a request/booking form if you require a shorter duration fishing trip stating your preferred fishing trip duration.
Boat (Normal) locations in Marina
Calendar Viewing Notice
To enlarge the view to see all the details and names of anglers in the date window please make sure you mouse click on the text. Anywhere else will load the event calendar day hourly times. Then you will have to click on the 'return to month' view tab in the top left hand corner to get back to the full month view of the calendar.
Our single biggest problem is the weather. If you do not hear from us cancelling a booked trip it might be wise just contacting us on the Club mobile: 07925 532 304 or the skipper's contact number (web page) just to check that the trip is on or not. We acquire weather information from a number of sources; shipping forecast, inshore forecast, Met Office, Coastguards, Marina etc. and use it in deciding whether or not to sail.  On the day the skippers may have to use their discretion and use their best endeavour to contact anglers as soon as possible if the decision is to cancel. There will be occasions when the decision to cancel is made on arrival at the boat, under these circumstances the Club cannot be held responsible if you have a wasted journey.
(Click on a day and time to get a wind summary, also tick the box to include the marine locations to get full wind forecast for the Bay. Hover over the wind arrow in Swansea Bay to get a local forecast).
Running costs for the fishing trips are recovered through a request for the boat anglers to make a donation, preferably a Gift Aid donation.  All money donated will go directly to developing the Club and its facilities for the benefit of its members,
For the Oystercat Donations suggestions are based on a flexible overhead depending on the length of a fishing trip up to a maximum of £70 for a full day fishing trip (6-8hrs) and fuel used at £4.00 per mile.  This total is then shared by the number of anglers on the fishing trip. For the maximum 8hr fishing trip with 10 anglers the donation will be approximately £15.00 per angler (£70 + £80 = £150/10=£15).  The overhead for shorter fishing trips will determined either on a per angler or per hour basis, but will be less than the £70.  The fuel rate will stay the same at £4.00 per mile. All the money raised through these donations is paid into the Club funds and applied for the general use of the Club.
For the Mumbles Belle the suggested donations are £10 per angler + the cost of the fuel used, from £1 per angler depending on mileage
Members with a confirmed fishing trip booking and subsequently cannot keep it must notifying the Club or skipper at least 48 hours before the planned trip of their need to cancel. Failure to do this will, normally, require the member to pay a cancellation donation of £10, or more. This will be used to offset the donations the remaining members contribute for the fishing trip.
Please use Form 3 to book the minibus entering 'minibus' in place of boat. Suggested Donations for the minibus are based on a nominal £5 per head and cost of fuel used. The current fuel cost per mile is 25p. The total cost of the fuel used is then shared by all the  passengers. Juniors pay 50% of the full adult rate. A typical minibus use for a day trip recording 100 mile with 10 passenger the suggested donations would based on £5 per head +£25 for cost fuel used i.e. £25/10 passengers = £2.50 + £5 per head gives a suggested donation of £7.50 per passenger. 
Should the minibus be taken out with the fuel tank full and returned with the tank full then the driver would work out the fuel cost per passenger and get the money from the passengers. Then collect the suggested donation of £5 per head for the day's use and hand over the petrol receipt and passenger log sheet to the Club Treasurer so gift aid can be claimed on the total donations for the trip.
Oystercat is berthed at the end of R25 (east side of the pier) in Phase 3 South Dock. Entrance from the Tower end of the marina by the new car park.
Please use the Booking Form to request/book or cancel a fishing trip:

Booking Form


Calendar 1 - Oystercat fishing trips and events
Calendar 2 - Mumbles Belle fishing trips and events

Calendar 3 - Minibus and shore fishing trips and events:

 Calendar 4 Club Management & Social Events

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